November 11th, 2005

eloquent with rage

He is Pawn

I am admittedly impressed, if just as equally repulsed, with the recent use of God as Pawn.

The future Democratic Governor of Virginia Timothy M. Kaine used his god to bolster his party to victory. The Governor-Elect claims he is a deeply religious Catholic man who opposes the death penalty and abortion. "But he also said he would follow the law on capital punishment and advocate laws that protect the right to abortion." The ruse is quite clever; it enabled Kaine to procure the vote of conservative Democrats who feel alienated by their own party's lack of moral conviction while simultaneously attracting Republican constituents who wish to distance themselves from the current Bush administration's failings and scandals.

And Pat Robertson... Oh, Pat.

This time, rather than encouraging the assassination of a world leader, Robertson warned the town of Dover, Pennsylvania, whose residents voted out school officials wanting Intelligent Design taught in public schools, that they should not expect God's help in the wake of future impending doom. "...Don't wonder why He hasn't helped you when problems begin... I'm not saying they will, but... just remember, you just voted God out of your city... Don't ask for His help because He might not be there." Dr. G.T. Lenard, Associate Professor of Writing at the Richard Stockton College of NJ, said this morning, "Doesn't he have a handler?" I am certain he would say that God is his Handler. But isn't the reverse true? Robertson has been at this for so long now, I cannot help but think that much of America's views on God and Christianity have been shaped by the likes of Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and other such media prophets. (Or should I say, profits?)

"A pawn is the smallest piece on the chess board, and the most expendable."~ When God becomes pawn, how long will it be before the piece is ejected entirely from the game? Islamist Extremists (which for all intents and purposes can be read here as "terrorists") have already forsaken their god through the very acts they claim glorify him. Haven't zealous abortion foes been convicted of murder for bombings of reproductive clinics? Is there a difference in a suicide bombing and a "Please, won't someone think of the children" bombing?

Todd Flanders on The Simpsons once told his father, "Lies make Baby Jesus cry." It seems like there are far worse things these days than lies that Baby Jesus would be crying over.

~ From the film Jumpin' Jack Flash.

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