August 29th, 2007


Produce Paradise Update

Here is the reply I received today in reference to the "Produce Paradise" email I sent this morning:

A&P management’s position on this matter should be self explanatory.  Producing a video that intentionally and unjustly depicts our company in a negative light, and utilizing company facilities without management knowledge of the specific content involved, is obviously a blatant violation of our policy.
Accordingly, the company has dismissed both employees, and is exploring legal avenues for the recovery of damages, and the removal of any and all videos about the Company from the website where it has been posted by the individuals. 

We will continue to work through our store management, labor union and legal process to bring this unfortunate series of events to an appropriate conclusion, and will have no further public comment while that process continues. 

Richard De Santa,
Senior Director, Corporate Affairs

He should write comedy. Here's my reply:

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I love my job...