June 16th, 2009

Marriage Now

Obamination realized.... again...

The original entry:

Obama defends DOMA in federal court. Says banning gay marriage is good for the federal budget. Invokes incest and marrying children.

Here is what the administration of President Obama is set to do: endorse lawful discrimination. Am I your friend? Am I permitted to legally marry the person of my choosing? No, and President Obama feels this is perfectly fine, even necessary.

I'm not surprised that he lied to us about it, pre-election. I mean, he is a politician.

It's funny, though; even before the primaries, Philadelphia Gay News's front page was split between interviews with the Democratic candidates. Half the page was Hillary Clinton's interview, which spilled to the inside of the paper. The other half was completely blank; it symbolized Obama's non-interaction with the gay community, and the fact that he did not respond to PGN's repeated requests for interviews. It's no wonder he spent so much time avoiding the gay press and gays and lesbians in general; it meant less lying in the long run.

After Obama's election, I was called unreasonable, paranoid, even delusional for saying I would reserve my wild abandon and happiness until he proved himself. It's clear to me that I will not reach that point, ever.

Congratulations, America.

Edited to add: Just to clarify, I am not unreasonable, paranoid, or delusional. From the following article in Wall Street Journal:

Gay Group Slams Policies of President

The Obama Administration: "The administration will continue to defend the [Defense of Marriage Act] when it is challenged in the justice system."

The Obama Administration: "The president remains strongly committed to signing a legislative repeal of [Defense of Marriage Act] into law."

The mouth of the Obama Administration must be tired from all that talking out of both sides.

My vote counted. My rights do not. Thanks, President Obama, for clarifying.