May 30th, 2010


A letter to President Obama

I broke my self-imposed Internet-free weekend to write this. I urge you to go to the White House website and send a message to President Obama about this disaster, echoing the need to fix it now. I also urge you to link this public entry in your own blog. Thank you.

Dear President Obama,

As a constituent, I've been watching your presidency carefully since January of last year. While the economy isn't great, and lots of folks got my tax dollars though they didn’t deserve it (and others who needed it didn’t get a thing), I have not been wholly unsatisfied with your performance.

Having said that, what on our literal earth are you doing about the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico? There have been finger pointing and blame games going on for weeks, but still, the oil gushes from the ocean floor. BP has been given free reign to attempt to end and/or curtail this disaster, the biggest in American history, and soon to be the biggest in the world ever, but nothing the company has done can be called a success. In fact, BP has failed, utterly, to stop the oil flow into the gulf. After their latest attempt, reliable news reports now say the oil will continue to gush from the ocean floor until August.

This is utterly, undeniably unacceptable. If you, as president, can't do something to end this disaster before then, you don't deserve to be president any longer, and you certainly don't deserve to be reelected. Frankly, I don't care who is at fault, be it BP or anyone else. It needs to be fixed, and fixed now.

Do what you have to do. Talk to whomever you need to. Use what resources are necessary. Go where you have to get a working and safe solution to this horrifying disaster to our earth—not just the United States, our planet. FIX THIS NOW!

Sincerely yours,
Robert Geise