June 12th, 2010


I need to browse your music library...

Okay, peeps, I'm looking for these songs digitally. Can you help?

Pull up to the Bumper - Grace Jones Thanks, O Person without LJ!
All Your Love - Niagra Calls
Nemesis - Shriekback Thanks, O Person without LJ!
How to Be a... Millionaire - ABC Thanks, sfbootdog!
Send Me an Angel - Real Life Thanks, O Person without LJ!
Catch Me I'm Falling - Real Life
You Think You're a Man - Divine Thanks, bfirrera!
My Soul Unwraps Tonight - Savage Progress
Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club Thanks, O Person without LJ!
Let's Just Close Our Eyes - Eurythmics
Invisible Hands - Kim Carnes
The One You Love - Glenn Frey
Gypsy - Fleetwood Mac Thanks, bfirrera!
I Know There's Something Going On - Frida
This Time - Bryan Adams Thanks, bfirrera!
Cool Places - Sparks and Jane Wiedlin Thanks, O Person without LJ!
That's All - Genesis Thanks, sfbootdog!
Big Log - Robert Plant
Do You Wanna Touch Me - Joan Jett Thanks, O Person without LJ!
Forever Mine - the Motels

I know some/many of these are not hard to find, but I'd rather gank them from folks who have them handy than pay 99 cents each. (I don't file share.) Thanks, if you can help out. (Replies screened for privacy.)