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Local peeps: Please read!!

Carolyn Stellatella, my friend and fellow Sightlines artist has been censored.

She was asked by the Noyes Museum in Oceanville, New Jersey to participate in a project called "The Art of Decoys Revisited" in which local artists "take their cues from traditional [duck decoy] carving to create new work." (Quoted from advertising invitation from the Noyes.) They accepted five of her six interpretations. The sixth was a political series of photographs labeled with aphorisms, such as a photo of George W. Bush with the words "Lame duck" underneath. When A.M. Weaver, Curator at the Noyes, told Carolyn that they did not accept the sixth interpretation because they were unsure how to explain it to children, Carolyn gave the museum a set of paragraphs for each photo to explain its meaning at a basic level children would understand. Then Weaver changed the reason for the exclusion, saying that "the museum" felt that this particular interpretation of the decoy was too controversial and therefore would not include it.

Carolyn is planning a silent protest at the Noyes this Saturday, May 20th, when the show opens at 3 p.m. She and many of her friends, fellow artists and I will wear black t-shirts. Each has
"a red and white target on the back (a little [homage] to Jasper Johns - who also has works in the show) and simply reads, 'The Art of Decoys Revisited - May 20, 2006.' The front has a small (on the left breast side) image of Dick Cheney with cross-hairs and reads 'Duck! It's Dick!' [and] over this has been written 'Censored.'" (From Carolyn's email to the group.)
If anyone would like to join us in solidarity against censorship, please let me know. If you tell me soon, I could have a t-shirt made for you as well at no charge. (In other words, FREE!)

You could also contact the Noyes to voice your disappointment and/or outrage, at the Noyes Museum of Art, Lily Lake Road, Oceanville, New Jersey, 08231, phone 609-652-8848, email, ATTN: A.M. Weaver, Curator.
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