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Get a grip...

Just a clue for folks out there listening to Representative Mark Foley now claiming his behavior was caused by the fact that he was molested as a teenager.

There are folks I'm sure were much worse off than Foley when they were kids, in terms of abuse and molestation, who do not grow up and have inappropriate conversations (email or otherwise) with marginally-aged boys. There are also millions of gays who were never molested as children, including myself.

Being molested as a child doesn't mean you will molest as an adult, and being gay doesn't mean you were ever molested as a child. I am sickened by the implications. Even conservative voters must see through this ruse as spin. Sadly, though I can already see Pat Robertson on 700 Club crying à la Mrs. Reverend Lovejoy, "Please, won't someone think of the children?"

Edit, October 5, 2006:
My brother fr_defenestrato pointed out the danger of rationalizing inappropriate behavior with childhood abuse. His entries about Foley are here and here.
Tags: gay, politics

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