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Please give nice cats a good home!

So, my mother is slated to come live with us, for financial reasons mostly. She's been going downhill money-wise since Dad died, and it hasn't gotten better. This will help her save some money and help us out as well; I make about half of what I used to pre-college degree. Go figure.

Anyway, she has three domestic cats that need homes. We have enough kitties already, and my mother already comes with a dog. So, find the cats a home, please:

Mickey and Minnie - black cats, clawed and fixed. Mickey is a real sweetheart, very friendly once he warms up to you. He's long but very thin, and he uses the scratching post, generally. He can be talkative, but not overbearing. Minnie is a bit more standoffish; she prefers to be alone but LOVES to play. She's average sized for a female, I think. Minnie prefers to claw wood, so a wooden scratching post would be a necessity. They are indoor-only kitties and almost four years old. Mickey and Minnie are brother and sister and should stay together.

Sasha is a grey and white female, spayed, friendly but a bit skittish. One minute will want to be loved, the other will be scurrying away from you. Overall a nice cat, no major drama. She fit in nicely with Mickey and Minnie. Sasha has been indoors for about two years, but was raised as an indoor/outdoor cat, so transitioning wouldn't be out of the question. She's around four years old but could be older; the previous adopter wasn't sure. Unsure about her scratching habits.

As an FYI, they are all in good health, but they are all behind on shots. (The rabies might still be good, not sure; would have to double check with my mother on that.) They are catbox trained, no problems there. I can get pictures or arrange a visit!
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