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Produce Paradise Update

Here is the reply I received today in reference to the "Produce Paradise" email I sent this morning:

A&P management’s position on this matter should be self explanatory.  Producing a video that intentionally and unjustly depicts our company in a negative light, and utilizing company facilities without management knowledge of the specific content involved, is obviously a blatant violation of our policy.
Accordingly, the company has dismissed both employees, and is exploring legal avenues for the recovery of damages, and the removal of any and all videos about the Company from the website where it has been posted by the individuals. 

We will continue to work through our store management, labor union and legal process to bring this unfortunate series of events to an appropriate conclusion, and will have no further public comment while that process continues. 

Richard De Santa,
Senior Director, Corporate Affairs

He should write comedy. Here's my reply:

I must say I am utterly disappointed in this response, though I cannot say I am surprised. I would, in fact, say that Mr. De Santa needs a handler. Badly.

Please understand that America is not made up of “companies” or “employees,” but people, just like me and those two geeks who created and starred in the “Produce Paradise” video. As one of those people, I find it highly amusing yet downright insulting that you think I, as a consumer, cannot separate the differences between a video parody of a rap song and the company whose facilities were used in said parody. The only “negative light” being shed on this entire incident is the fact that your “the Company” is maliciously proceeding with legal action against two Joe Schmoes who were looking to have a good time and entertain a few folks with a silly video. In case you haven’t realized, view of the video on YouTube have skyrocketed since you filed and made public your ridiculous accusations. In other words, you don’t want the video seen, as it shows your company in a bad light, but your actions cause the complete opposite of what you say you don’t want, as you had to have been aware would occur (unless you’re all phenomenally stupid). That’s called hypocrisy, dude. Look it up.

Or, perhaps even more heinously, you are looking to scoop up any potential profits these boys make once their video is purchased, or they are hired to create something else of a similar nature for a production company with some cash behind it. Yeah, my guess is, that’s probably the more likely answer. Greed at its best and worst.

I don’t expect “further public comment.” Unless, of course, it is an apology that you would offer a consumer who is dissatisfied with a policy or action of a certain company and complained about it. Which would make more sense than a glib, condescending email from Corporate Affairs that just sealed the deal of my never setting foot into a Super Fresh, A&P, Sav-A-Center, Food Emporium, Walbaum’s, or FoodBasics ever again in my existence. What would be wrong with, “Although we are unable to comment on the ongoing legal process regarding the ‘Produce Paradise’ incident, we’re sorry you’ve chosen not to patronize at our establishment and hope you will change your mind in the future”? It’s straightforward and let’s me know that, hey, you care where I spend my money. But I’ll be happy to go to Acme, ShopRite, Genuardi’s, Pathmark, Aldi, or any of the myriad supermarkets in my area. Guess you won’t miss me. But what if there are lots more folks like me, who are tired of corporate bullying, and just plain bull?

I love my job...
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