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Tomorrow is World AIDS Day

Forwarded information from Shawn Decker, author of My Pet Virus.

Friday November 30:

BET at 6 PM, Magic Johnson will appear on 106 & Park

SHOWTIME at 9 PM (EST) Positive Voices: Women and HIV

TOMORROW, Saturday, December 1 on GOOD MORNING AMERICA: Regan Hoffman, editor-in-chief of Poz Magazine, will be on between 8 AM and 9 AM. Poz will also be on CNN's Newsroom Saturday Morning program.

Saturday, December 1st at 10 AM: MTV will be airing an HIV/AIDS Awareness program.

Saturday, 7:30 PM, BET will re-broadcast their program "What U Know 'Bout That? Rap-it-up Sex Quiz".

On Saturday, Kiehl's will donate 20% of its proceeds to YouthAIDS. If you spend $100 at any Kiehl's store, you'll get a YouthAIDS t-shirt.

Also, on Saturday, December 1, yours truly will be reading at the Open Mic at Java Jake's, 9th & Asbury in Ocean City. I will be dedicating my reading to my lost loved ones. I will also have available print copies of some of my poetry for a small donation, to go to South Jersey AIDS Alliance. Please come by if you can!
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