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Cats - you know you want one...

Minnie - Female, spayed. Standoffish, but loves to play. Litter trained. Has claws; likes wooden scratching posts (as opposed to rug or rope).

Mickey - Male, neutered. Shy at first, then friendly and loving. Litter trained. Has claws; uses scratching post but will go after corners and furniture if not properly disciplined.

Mickey and Minnie are a four-year-old brother and sister pair and have been raised together. Ideally, they should be adopted together. They are indoor only cats. They were raised with a medium-sized aggressive terrier-mix dog and got along with her well.

Sasha - female, spayed. Probably six years old. Friendly and talkative. Can be pouty, but it never lasts for long. Has claws and will use them. Sasha was once an outdoor cat transitioned to indoor, and has been let out periodically again over the last year. Transitioning to indoor/outdoor or strictly outdoor would not be difficult. Was also raised with above-mentioned dog; no problems there.

Another pic of Sasha:

Pros: These are very personable cats and are a pleasure to be around. They use the litter box consistently. All three are in good health. They will adjust to dogs and other cats (Sasha was introduced two years after Mickey and Minnie were adopted, and they all get along well.)

Cons: They won't use the scratching posts consistently if not disciplined. They are also overdue on all shot, including rabies.

These girls and boy need a home. If we can't find them a home, they'll be going to a shelter that doesn't euthanize. We'd like to avoid that option. Please help if you can. Thank you.

Edit, 12-20-07: Sasha has a new home, thanks to bistet and Hamlet. They're the best!
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