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Press Release for Upcoming Event

Caffeine Coffee House, located in Wayside Village Shopping Center in Marmora, will host Don’t Judge, Just Slam!, a non-judged poetry slam called on Friday, February 29, from 6-10 p.m. Organized and emceed by Corbin City poet Robert A. Geise, the event will feature an open mic for slam-style, rap, performance, and traditional poetry in a fast-paced and uncensored format.

“There are lots of open mics every month, but sometimes you write a poem that needs to be performed,” says Geise, an instructor at Atlantic Cape Community College , a published poet, and a member of the local group Bad Penny Poets, which originated in Ocean City . But he stipulates that the event isn’t just for performers or even professionals: “The open mic will be open to all, regardless of style or delivery. The best open mics are ones with variety, something everyone can get into.” When asked how it can be called a slam without judging, Geise becomes serious: “I didn’t want there to be any competition or bad feelings for winning or losing. The main thing is to express yourself and have a good time doing it.”

Hosting the event is the new Caffeine Coffee House, owned and operated by Maggie King and her husband Calvin. The café serves coffee, of course, as well as lattes, cappuccino, soft drinks, and freshly baked snack items. Caffeine opened in January, and business has been increasing steadily. “Opening Caffeine has been an absolute joy,” says King. “Our patrons are by far some of the most interesting and warm people I have met in this area. We’re already expanding our menu with healthy food and we’ll be playing with other menu items and fun things to keep our new friends coming back.” Caffeine also features live music nights, WIFI for laptops, and a state-of-the-art video and sound system that can be used by patrons for DVD viewing. The space is available for business meetings and other events as well.

Caffeine Coffee House is located in the Wayside Village Shopping Center , 32 Old Tuckahoe Road , Marmora. Contact Maggie King at 609-390-3911.

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