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Ralph Nader

Here's what I think: 537.

That's the number of popular votes in Florida that turned the electoral vote Bush's way. 

The 97,421 folks nationwide who voted for Nader in 2000 will NEVER allow themselves a "breath of fresh air" or "No more two party system!" vote as they did that year, sealing Bush's "victory" and a presidency (and history) of shame, war, and avarice. How do I know this? Some of them are dead, for one. As for the rest of them, their foreheads have gotten pretty familiar with the palm sides of their hands during the last eight years. I know mine did, and I didn't vote for Nader.

Also, the major candidates, McCain and Baraclinton Hillobama, have had such tremendous exposure over the last year, by November, they'll be so entrenched in the minds of American voters that Nader won't even make a blip on the proverbial radar. If he wanted to garner votes for the Green party, or any third party, perhaps he should have procured Gore for the job. I mean, really... the likelihood of a Nader vote (not even touching the chances of a victory) could be described as an inconvenient truth: He's got a better chance of seeing God. (And, no, that's not a crack on Nader's age.)

Thanks to Wikipedia:
United States presidential election, 2000
Ralph Nader
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