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I keep using up those fifteen minutes...

From Press of Atlantic City, today (my bold and italics):

Some regular attendees of Brenner's poetry readings have also managed to garner a strong following. As Corbin City, Atlantic County, resident Robert Geise approached the stage, audience members shouted for him to perform "Ice Cream," a poem he wrote about the lust that was once inspired by the sight of an attractive lifeguard at a Baskin-Robbins on the boardwalk.

Before Geise indulged his fans with a rendition of [the ice-cream poem, actually titled "Treat,"] he first read a 2003 composition he penned titled "Reclaiming the Boy." Taking pains to assure audience members that it was a tribute to the beauty he perceived in adult men, Geise launched into the paean with an impish grin.

Here's the whole article. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

And a reminder, for those of you who wish to see my semi-famous self read in person: I'll be featuring at Bogart's Books and Café in Millville this Sunday at 2 p.m.
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