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You can't pass this up. Read it!

All right, folks. You know that meme you see occasionally that says something like, "I'll make something nice for you in the next year if you repost this!"? This isn't that meme.

What this is, is an offer to write a poem for you. No reciprocation is necessary in any way, shape, or form. All you have to do is reply here. If you like, you may give me a challenge, such as to use a certain theme or form. You may leave a favorite quote, song lyric, or thought to inspire me. In the end, though, the final decision of what your poem will be, will be mines. (Yeah, I said "mines." Because I just roll like that.)

So, don't pass this offer up. How many people can say they've ever had a poem written either for them or about them, in their lifetimes? You could be one of those people.
Tags: poetry

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