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A different kind of help

Hey, folks. I'm in the process of making lesson plans for my summer course. I want it to be lots of fun for my kids, which will mean keeping them engaged in class since I KNOW I won't get them to do a lot of homework during this 8-week course. So I'm concentrating on lots of in-class activities. So, keeping in mind that this is the pre-English 101 class I teach, considered remedial level...

Does anyone have any favorite essays or articles, ones that are universal in themes, or should be, that they would like to recommend?

Any particular poems you like, whether you're a poet or not, that are accessible to folks who may know nothing of poetry except (ahem) Eminem or Lady Gaga? Is there a piece of artwork you think is discussion worthy? A film (appropriate for class discussion) that we could watch (over the period of a few days; can't watch all in one shot... not allowed!)?

What grammar errors do you see consistently in your daily life, in work or in print, that I should work on to keep these kids from making the same mistakes?

If you can think of any of these things, or something else that you think might be a good idea for a course titled "Reading and Writing 2," again, a prerequisite to English 101 for kids who didn't pass the entrance exam, please share with me. I'd very much appreciate it.

PS: No pressure; if you can't think of anything for me, if you don't have time, or if you're not interested, thank you anyway.

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