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Obama batting a couple thousand... under 17 thousand, actually

To date, less than 17,000 of the 7-9 million homeowners President Obama said would be helped by his "Making Home Affordable" plan back in February have actually been helped. This is disgusting, and I want to know what he plans to do about it. Check out this story from NPR:

A man named Jeff Nielsen and his partner got the runaround from Wells Fargo for months. And it wasn't until he went to the media with his story did they magically approve his restructuring. And apparently, that's standard.

"If you want to be sure of getting your mortgage reworked under Making Home Affordable... get national media interested in your story — or a member of Congress. Otherwise... join the line." (from the NPR story)

Because of President Obama giving billions of our tax dollars to banks, they have absolutely no incentive to help homeowners. Has anyone heard anything from the president regarding this travesty?? If so, please advise. I'd really like to know what he's doing to help those other 7-9 million homeowners, less the under 17 thousand who have been helped, keep their homes. It needs to happen, now. I'm going to email my employer's president tomorrow and find out what we're doing about it as a bank. Then I'll call the bank where I do my family's personal banking and ask them as well. But for now, I'm going to go to President Obama's website to email him (though it's a message he'll never see) to find out what he's doing about it.
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