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Poetry Year 2011

As you may know, in 2009, I wrote a poem every day. This year, I did write poems daily during April, which is National Poetry Month, and August, when I wrote poems inspired by individually designed postcards sent to me by my friends and fellow poets (along with a different poetic form every day). But for the rest of the years, I wrote scant poetry. I blog on a semi-regular basis, so I've been writing. Poetry, though, has escaped me of late. I want to get back to it, and it seems the best way to do that is continuing to challenge myself with... well, challenges.

I want to do a poetry challenge that is much different for 2011. I'm thinking that each day of the week will have a different theme or activity. I imagine it will be something like this, with less holes (this list assumes the duration of each challenge to be at least a half hour):

  • Mondays: Read poetry (I am notoriously lax in reading O.P.P [other people's poetry]) and record thoughts about it
  • Tuesdays: Review older, previously "done" poem(s) for improvement
  • Wednesdays: Write a sonnet (unsure about using actual prompts at this point)
  • Thursdays: ?
  • Fridays: Edit poem(s) from previous challenges (something I have done very little of, really)
  • Saturdays: ?
  • Sundays: Write in free verse
So, I need to plug in challenges for a few days and possibly alter or change the ones above. What suggestions do you have? Please give me some ideas so I can fill up and improve my list, to have a year's worth of poetry challenges for 2011!

Thank you!!
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