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Call for Photo Submissions - ANYONE can participate!!

As you know (or you do now), I am currently working on issue 15 of my physical zine, eloquent with rage. I'm working on a newspaper-style article that requires a couple of "interview on the street" type photos. Want to send me one? You can do it with your cell phone from the comfort of your living room (don't worry about the "street" aspect). Here's what I'm looking for:
  • Take a headshot-style or head-and-shoulders area photo of yourself looking concerned, annoyed, or just goofy.
  • Try not to look directly into the lens.
That's really it! Then all you have to do is post the photo on my eloquent with rage Facebook page (not my personal Facebook page). Please note that posting the self-portrait here gives me permission to use the photo and assures me that no one else has claim on said photo (legal mumbo jumbo). I will chose two to four of the photos for use in ewr15.

Thanks, and have fun with it!
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